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by | Feb 26, 2023

As the Season of Lent progresses we put our belief into practice inspired by a new series, Thirsty. A lot of our content for our series is inspired and provided by the nonprofit Access to clean water is necessary to sustain life. Therefore, clean water is a social justice issue when access is denied.

In order to help us navigate the complexities of social justice while digging into what scripture has to say about God’s view on clean water, we’re turning to journalist and author Eric Nilsen.

Author of Democracy From Then to Now and Understanding Social Justice, Nilsen has lived and worked in different parts of the world. His experiences give him an informed perspective and knowledge of different cultures, religions, and societies. These experiences inspired him to share his knowledge and viewpoints with us through our study of one of his books.

Understanding Social Justice offers us a clearer understanding of issues, their causes, and the need to address and resolve them. Eric Nilsen offers an opportunity to make a passion for human rights a way of life. And to motivate us to pursue social justice for everybody.

Clean Water for the WorldIf you’re serious about switching from equity talk to equity walk and making the world a fairer and more just place where everyone can thrive, you’ll first need to comprehend how and why injustice is so prevalent and ingrained in our society.

In this reading of social justice, you’ll find a broad analysis of the big issues around social justice, and new insights that will challenge your understanding of what justice really means.

For Lent, our group will dig deeper into each week’s message utilizing reference materials from Clean Water for the World, Understanding Social Justice, and our Sunday message. Our goal is to wrestle with obstacles preventing access to clean water and reflect on possible solutions. Stories from scripture offer guidance on every aspect of life. Interpreting and applying biblical truths, however, require prayerful discernment that is best done in a group.

I invite you to join us each Sunday for worship as we explore what it means that access to clean water is a human right. I invite you to join us for this series that promises to be informative, challenging, and inspiring. And I pray that you’ll join us each Wednesday as we dive further into each week’s teaching.

If you prefer to avoid groups or live too far away, I encourage you to join us via Zoom for our Wednesday gatherings. Alternatively, you can call in by phone, be heard, and hear what others say by calling (929) 436-2866 — enter the meeting ID, 282 039 5568#.

We are a diverse group and are delighted when new people join us. I hope that you will join in on our discussion.

You can contact our office with questions, by phone or simply type your question or enter a prayer request on our website’s homepage —

Pastor Tommy

Clean Water for the World, a Michigan nonprofit. Find more information at

Eric Nilsen. Understanding Social Justice. © Eric Nilsen, 2022. Independently published.

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