Who We Are

We summarize our mission, vision and strategy for Asbury in a single catch phrase: CONNECTING NEIGHBORS.

This is because our goal is a revitalized community where every resident can use their talents and passions for the common good, where children grow into citizens who contribute to building and maintaining a vibrant neighborhood, and all residents are able to enjoy safety, good health, a culture that fosters life-long learning and satisfying lives.

We believe that such an ambitious goal can never be attained without God’s grace and abundance and Christ calls each of us to be disciples willing to share our witness through words and acts. Asbury’s mission comes from the the denomination for which we owe our support and whose vast resources are available to us as part of a connected network of churches. At Asbury we are making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Our primary focus is on the world that surrounds our church on the Eastside of Flint.

Out of this mission of disciple making we derived a vision that we discerned from scripture and God’s call on our community. We envision a community in love with God, with each other and with our neighbor, evidenced by the transformation of ourselves and our neighborhood.

Asbury is dedicated to the transformation of our neighborhood. Our current programs include the Asbury Center for Nutrition dedicated to providing fresh produce and nutrition education for our neighbor. Neighborhood Connection, a door-to-door ministry where we help residents get connected to the help that they need and to each other. The Asbury House provides college students an opportunity to make a difference in our community in exchange for housing. Asbury is part of the Land Bank’s Clean & Green program that employs youth in summer jobs for the purpose of maintaining vacant properties. All of our programs engage local residents whether for paid jobs or volunteer community organizing. Contact us today to find out how you can be a part of this Eastside miracle.

Asbury - Who We Are
Asbury - Who We Are