October Cooking Contest: Sizzling Culture

by | Oct 4, 2020

October is our fall cooking contest. Have a favorite dish using fall vegetables, such as butternut squash, or perhaps a fruit like apples? Take a selfie or two while preparing your recipe along with the finished dish and send it to us. The best ten entries all win a prize. And we will give you a MyFlintStone worth $5 just for entering.

Want to add some sizzle to your entry? Include a short video that includes helpful hints for making your winning dish. Want an edge on the competition? Include the whole family in your selfies and video. Be sure to include the recipe itself. Write it down or type it up and take a picture that our chef can read.

Oh, did we mention that the winning recipes will be featured at the Asbury Cafe? You will get a chance to come to lunch as the guest of Chef Kevin and find out if he is able to meet your standards for your recipe. Want to help with the preparation? Let us help you plan your visit.

Entering is easier than even the easiest recipe. Email your pictures, video, recipe, and contact information to SizzlingCulture@FlintAsbury.org. Be sure to like and follow our Asbury Church Facebook page to keep an eye out for your entry. Be sure that your contact information includes your name(s), address, phone number, and email address.

The contest closes at Midnight, Friday, October 30. The day before Halloween. Did I mention that presentation is really important? How about including a carving of the items you choose to use in your recipe? Check out our Facebook page for more ideas on how to submit the winning entry.

The winners will be announced during worship on Sunday, November 1, 2020. Be sure to show up in person or join us online. We broadcast live on Facebook beginning at 10:30 am.

What are the prizes? I’m glad you asked. Entries coming in 2nd through 5th place will each receive $50. The second five places each receive an Asbury Farms t-shirt. First place — you ready? The winning entry received $250!

So get cooking.

Don’t forget that Asbury Farms offers fresh produce every week. Go to our website, FlintAsbury.org to place your order for a Veggie Box, or sign up for a subscription. You can also call our office at 810-235-0016 to place your order. We accept EBT and Double-up Bucks. And of course, we also accept MyFlintStones, so you can use your entry prize as cash.

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