Life groups questions & notes

by | Apr 21, 2024

You are like salt for the whole human race. But if salt loses its saltiness, there is no way to make it salty again.
Matthew 5:13-16

Questions for Life Groups

  1. Read Matthew 5:13-16. What is your personal preference for salt? In what ways can you imagine yourself being like salt? How might you lose your saltiness?
  2. Read this week’s articles titled Condiments. What is your choice of salt for cooking or adding to your meal at the table? Why? Who do you eat meals with? How do you choose them? With what ritual, institution, person, prayer or other do you associate forgiveness? Why? What does it mean for a church to be a hospital rather than a club?
  3. How can the members of your group help you this week and on-going to help you to be more receptive to hearing and understanding the Word of God? Pray for each other to have the Holy Spirit bless you with more courage.
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