Life groups questions & notes

by | Feb 11, 2024

The Proverbs can teach you how to live intelligently and how to be honest, just, and fair.
Proverbs 1:1-6, 20-25

Questions for Life Groups

  1. Read Proverbs 1:1-6, 20-25. What does being wise look like to you? In what ways do you live wisely? Are there ways where you aren’t so wise?
  2. Read this week’s article titled Irrational optimism. Are you usually optimistic about the future? If so, what is some of the justification for your optimism? If not, give examples of what justifies your pessimism? Who are some of the wise people? What makes them wise? Why does proverbs point to honest, just and fair as wise?
  3. How can the members of your group help you this week and on-going to help you to be more receptive to hearing and understanding the Word of God? Pray for each other to have the Holy Spirit bless you with more courage.
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