Life groups questions & notes

by | Jun 11, 2023

Pay to the Emperor what belongs to the Emperor, and pay to God what belongs to God.
Luke 20:19-26

Questions for Life Groups

  1. Review the story of Jesus responding to a question intended to trap Him in Luke 20:19-26. How do you make sense of what Jesus is saying in this story? What do you owe to God?
  2. Read this week’s article titled Sacrifice. What is your experience with negative energy? How do you guard against negative energy? What safeguards do you have in place to keep you safe from negative energy? How is your relationship with God? With the people around you? Is your world full of abundance or scarcity? Explain.
  3. How can the members of your group help you this week and on-going to help you to be more receptive to hearing and understanding the Word of God? Pray for each other to have the Holy Spirit bless you with more courage.
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