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by | Apr 9, 2023

According to scripture, Mary, the mother of Jesus, attended a wedding in Cana. The guest list was apparently quite long and included Jesus and other friends of the family, relatives, and friends of friends. Weddings lasted multiple days, and the groom was expected to provide ample food and wine for all guests to have their fill. And this wedding was no different.

But a problem was brewing.

The Gospels are full of stories void of detail. Rather than a fictional novel where an author takes us through every twist and turn, building characters with dialogue and description, the bible leaves us hungry for more.

Who is the twin brother of Thomas, or is she his sister? Who else was in the room when Jesus washed the feet of His closest allies? Who prepared the meals? What did they eat?

Beginning the first Sunday after Easter, join us as we explore possible answers to questions left hanging from Nazareth to Jerusalem. We start with a story of Jesus as a young boy gone missing as His family returned home from celebrating Passover in Jerusalem.

We won’t dive into every story, but all of the tales add to a greater familiarity and a deeper understanding of the Gospels.

We’ll allow best-selling author and theologian Angela Hunt to fill in some of the details behind the stories. Each week, after reading the story as told by Angela’s creative imagination and gift for storytelling, we’ll dig into what scripture actually tells us. And we’ll imagine and share our own versions, as we find ourselves immersed in the stories of Jesus.

In a book from her Jerusalem Road series, Daughter of Cana, Angela follows Jesus from Nazareth to Cana, Capernaum, and Jerusalem. Along the road to Jerusalem, we’ll meet other characters, some only mentioned by name or reference, nevertheless, witnesses of God living among us.

You’re invited to join us on Wednesdays at Noon to dig deeper into each week’s message. You can purchase Angela Hunt’s book, look for it at the library, contact our office for a copy, or pick up a copy before or after worship on Sunday.

I pray that you will join us each Sunday morning at 10:30 am. We share our weekly episodes on our YouTube channel. We go live at 10:30 am. You can find these links along with more information about us, or join our live broadcast on our website at

Pastor Tommy

Angela Hunt. Daughter of Cana. Minneapolis: Bethany House, 2020.

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