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by | Nov 20, 2022

What do you want for Christmas this year? This is a question that millions of parents ask children as they figure out their gift list and budget. And the answers vary widely, influenced by commercials, friends, and family members.

As we age, our list changes, and at some point, we quit thinking about wanting gifts wrapped in paper altogether. But experiencing the excitement of a child unwrapping a gift at Christmas never gets old.

Welcome to our new worship series, Wonder. In this series, we dive into the wonder of Christmas. Spoiler alert! We’re likely to discover the wonder of Christmas isn’t found in stores or under a Christmas tree. Instead, the wonder of Christmas is found in relationships.

Our series begins with the wonder of God’s love for each of us. A love that isn’t unwrapped once each year on a particular day. God has special gifts uniquely chosen for each of us. Gifts that we are sure to cherish.

Out of God’s love for us comes a peace that we’re at a loss for words to explain. Unlike treaties between nations and neighbors, Christ offers a lasting peace that isn’t based on toleration. Instead, the peace of Christ comes out of God’s love for all creation.

We often hear expressions like Christmas joy as a way to differentiate that special feeling that the season of Christmas offers. For some, it is the simple pleasure of watching a child drop a coin in a red kettle. For others, it is the taste of treats prepared for the occasion. Whether it is decorations that bring us joy or a simple “Merry Christmas” said by a stranger, joy is one of the wonders of Christmas.

However, not everyone feels the love, peace, joy, and hope of Christmas. For some, memories steal their wonder. For others, loneliness creeps into their spirit and snatches away their sense of wonder. Please know that whatever mood comes upon you, God is with you.

And this offers hope to all. A hope based on a promise found in a manger  that changes everything. Perhaps this is the greatest wonder of all. That God chose vulnerability over power. And grace over accountability.

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Pastor Tommy


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